Möppel on tour 4

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Möppel on tour 4

Hello world, today your one and only Möppel with an „o“ and two points on it, will tell you something really terrible.
You know, I like travelling and holidays, and my best holidays ever I had in äääh, öööh, Krakow – yes this was the name of the town – uninteresting at all.
But life isn’t always as nice to me, oh no! That’s not fine, that’s not correct, because I’m someone very special – but that’s life.
Here you see me in Warnemünde with an „u“ and two points on it – oh, I’ll never forget the name of this town – in a holiday apartment.
And there … There happened something so terrible, so awful, that I am not able to speak about it.
Come and see next Saturday …

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