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Möppel on tour 12

Here I am again, your one and only Möpppel with the famous two points on the ‘o’ –
and to say it  right at the beginning and to say it directly and explicitly:
This is the last time you see me for a long long time.
Oh yes, I know you are shocked now and full of grief and you have tears in your eyes, because I’m such a special guy and you love me, but you have to be brave.
I have to change my life. This is necessary. This is vital.
You know, in my crisis after my enlightment (see my story) I took a shower and a second one and a third one and still another one – and then my head and my heart became clear – and I knew what to do:
Enough with this enlightment stuff! I have to go back to the marketplace of life and to do my very best …
You don’t know me like that, do you?
I am a new Möppel now!
In Torquay, England, I have accepted a job. Here you see me at work: I’m helping in a hotel at dinner time.
Now I have to pay attention to all the spoons and forks and knifes. Also I have to control the menue board and to correct all spelling mistakes on it.
This is a job which carries a great deal of responsibility, you know.
So I say GOOD BYE to yo.
Don’t worry, be happy …
Your one and only Möppel with the two points on the ‘o’ …



2 Kommentare

  1. Edith

    Oh dear, I’ll miss you.
    Best regards from the green Black Sea!

  2. Johanna

    Good job, Möppel. Take it easy and we’ll see you.

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