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Möppel on Tour 9

I’m a really special guy, you know, me and myself, your one and only Möppel with the famous “o” and the two points on it.
But even for me some things are not so easy: Enlightment for example and to sit enlightened on a high shelf … Huijuijui!
Today you see me sitting side by side with a … öhh … a sort of … öhmm …pink animal in a room in Oxford.
Nothing to object against Oxford or against this room – but this … öhmm … animal …?
If you are enlightened, you must know, you are one with the whole world, you are one with everything and everyone.
Hmmm, to be one with everyone …
Nice feeling, could you think. Do you think so?
But I ask you seriously: Do you want this? To be … one … with … a … pig?
To be one with President Obama or Lukas Podolski or Harry Potter or Marilyn Monroe – this could be nice …
Who however, who on earth and  for heaven’s sake,  I really ask you, who wants to be … one … with … a … pig?


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