Möppel on tour 10

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Möppel on tour 10

Hi folks, here I am again, your very special Möppel with the famous “o” and the two points on it.
I’m still in Oxford, you see. I’m also still enlightened, but my efforts to be one with the whole world and everyone and everything – and also with … this … pig … no longer sitting side by side with me – have not been successful.
This ugly pink pig-animal had in earnest the courage to tell me directly into my face, that it did not the smallest bit depend on me being one with it, yes, that it would spit on me, the one and only Möppel. Incredible!! This … pig … really said, that it was enough for it to be born as a pig, to live as a pig and to have its own pig-death and that the enlightment of a trickster like me didn’t matter absolutly nothing to it.
Then this .. ugly … pig … made its ugly … pig-noise … and disappeared.
That … beats … everything!
What do YOU say to such a behavior?
Me and myself a trickster?!?!?
Do YOU also appreciate me like that? A trickster?
Oh world – everywhere just wrong-way drivers …
I am definitly not accustomed to be faced with such a crisis!
Thank God I have actually two computers on my desk. I’ll immediately surf the web to find  someone giving me back my confidence into me and myself. YES!!


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